Mindhole Blowers: Jason Bateman Edition

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Welcome to another edition of our upstart series, Mindhole Blowers, in which we troll the Internet and listen to DVD Commentaries to bring you what we hope is fascinating minutia. Typically, we look at movies (see our Mindhole Blowers columns on Cameron Crowe's Singles and Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), but today -- with the release of Horrible Bosses on the horizon -- I thought we'd take a look at a person, the fascinating and ridiculously durable Jason Bateman.

Jason Bateman has been acting now in Hollywood for 29 years. In that career, there are only two roles that I can identify in which he didn't play a variation on his "Jason Bateman" character, which is to say: Sly, dry wit and a personality halfway between ridiculously charming and spectacularly douchy. Those two roles were his first, as a kid in "Little House on the Prarie" and a
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