Deadtime Stories (2011)

Produced by: George A. Romero

Starring: John Rimauldi, Sam Redford, Patrick Jordan, Barret Hackney, Ian Harding, Liz Duchez, Jessica Kennedy

It seems one of the increasing horror trends of late is the horror anthology. An often hit or miss fad, the horror anthology can either be a well thought out and executed 75 minutes (Black Sabbath) or the most boring and pointless 75 minutes of your life. This brings me to Deadtime Stories, which I’m sad to say is volume 1. I shudder to think of a Volume 2 rearing its face in the near future.

Don’t let the fact that George A Romero produced this sway you into thinking it’s secretly good. In fact I hope and pray to the Baby Jesus that George A. Romero didn’t really know or understand what was going on. Thankfully, there is good evidence suggesting that as all of Romero’s intros to
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