Early Reviews “Bilal’s Stand” (Sundance)

One of the very few “black films” playing at Sundance this year… We’ve already read reviews for Night Catches Us. Now, we have some early buzz on Bilal’s Stand.

It’s only screened once thus far at the ongoing festival, however, there are 4 more screenings of the film this week, and so I expect I’ll be posting more reviews of it later in the week.

Today, I have a review of Bilal’s Stand from Brandon Harris at Filmmaker mag, and it’s positive – calling it “infectious,” “high-energy,” further noting that it deals with a young man from an underrepresented, insular community, with strict codes of conduct, who tries to rise out of his circumstance to pursue personal desires, familial responsibility be damned.

Here’s a snippet:

Bilial’s Stand, made piecemeal over four years, is a brazenly autobiographical, starless, penny pinching production from Detroit about one
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