September Preview: ‘Warrior,’ ‘Drive,’ ‘Abduction’ and other one-word Movies

Monthly Movie Preview – September 2011

Summer is over. Superheroes tried to crush our spirits with their stupid movies and refusal to die. A whole bunch of crazy stuff happened, actually, but we made it out. And what’s that I smell? Award season? Too early to think about it … or is it?

Aside from letting folk like Malick do his “thang” in May, September marks when movies on whole put their game faces back on. Not only is it the month in which important festivals like Toronto and Venice go down, but it’s also the time to get serious, in whatever way possible. Aside from Shark Night 3D and Abduction, but you get the hint.

September’s going to give us inspiring movies about fighters, someone’s going to get cancer, and there might even be an “incredible true story” about baseball waiting for us with Moneyball. Hold on now,
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