• Fright Meter
Year: 2007

Director:  Chris R. Notarile

Cast:  Brandon Slagle, Niki Rubin, Stephen Muzzonigro, Charles Cyphers, Rachael Robbins

On his birthday, young Nicholas brutally murders his parents with a hammer.  His sister is able to restrain him and he is sentenced to spend his life in mental institution.  As he is probed by his doctor on a regular basis, it becomes apparent that there is more to Nick's madness than meets the eye.  He has been possessed by a malevolent force called "The Dollman."  And the Dollman has been biding his time, slowly and methodically planning his escape from the institution.  Twenty years after the brutal murder, he escapes to head back to his small hometown to finish his rampage, with his two surviving sisters as his main focus.

Apparently, director and writer Chris R. Notarile adapted Methodic from remake to Halloween that he wrote and planned to film.  Rob Zombie beat him to the punch,
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