Genre friction: why we should learn to get over genre snobbery

There’s a lot of snobbery surrounding genre in books, television and movies. Here, Andrew explains why we shouldn’t judge a story on genre alone…

Many years ago, when I was undergoing higher education in exchange for a modest sum and a waste of the taxpayer's money, I was in a pub. The people in the pub with me were talking about music. I forget which band. It might have been Scouting For Girls – I can't remember. The important thing was that it was a band generally treated with scorn.

One of our friends then said that our getting annoyed about such a band was pointless, with the immortal line, “It's just music, you either like it or you don't”. She was greeted with a mixture of celebratory laughter and gazes of tundra-like hostility.

Essentially, though, contentious though the use of ‘just’ might be in that sentence, she was entirely correct.
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