Is Sameera’s ‘Kaalpurush’ getting dubbed in Tamil?

Sameera Reddy has captured the hearts of Tamil audiences here. With her big tickets ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ and ‘Asal’, the actress has peaked to the top of charts and earned more reputation than those, who have been struggling to make it for a very long time.

Now we hear that one of her most promising Bengali film ‘Kaalpurush’ may get dubbed in Tamil. Recently, the producers of that film had got into the task of dubbing the film in Hindi since she had won more laurels for it. Incisively, Sameera having a big market in Kollywood might have prompted the makers to hop-skip into the new idea.

The film depicts in the role of a housewife and teacher obsessed by America. Her very lack of physical intimacy with husband lets her for an extra-marital affair. On her way back to India, she starts writing a book about her experience.

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