Episode Recap: Lie To Me - 2.07: "Black Friday"

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A crowd awaits the opening of Digital Convertor for Black Friday. As a man searches for his wallet, the crowd get restless and frenzied. A woman is trampled; as a girl lets go of her father's hand and wanders off. Whilst at Cal's (Tim Roth) a boy, Max (Daniel Ross) hires Cal to find if he is James Knox, who was kidnapped. Lots of cold case solving in this show. He shows Cal the scar on his body and pays him. Gillian (Kelli Williams) can't believe he took his money. Hey I said that. Cal allows Max to question his current parents, the Roland's and advises him not to back down on anything. Max took a DNA test and found he isn't related. Eli (Brendan Hines) has the photo of the footage from the store and Bernardo (Shashawnee Hall) hires them to show they're not at fault, thus significantly reducing the settlement payout.
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