Looking for Eric

At first, "Looking for Eric" seems like a typical Ken Loach picture, proletarian through and through. We meet Eric Bishop (curly-mopped, thickly accented newcomer Steve Evets) literally going in circles, driving the wrong way on a roundabout and getting into an accident. Stumbling home from the hospital, he takes time to trade insults with his two teenage stepsons, Ryan (Gerard Kearns) and Jess (Stefan Gumbs). Pointed dialogue reveals that he still mourns the absence of his beloved first wife, Lily (Stephanie Bishop), who left him long ago. At the post office where he works as a mail sorter, his colleagues, led by a fellow dubbed Meatballs (John Henshaw), take turns trying to cheer Eric up by telling him jokes. Only the life-sized poster of Cantona on Eric's bedroom wall seems willing to lend the poor bloke a sympathetic ear. Then one day, Cantona himself is standing there, in the flesh,
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