Lou Diamond Phillips Set To Direct “Arachnaconda”

Lou Diamond Phillips Set To Direct “Arachnaconda”
You read that right, Lou Diamond Phillips is helming the television monster mashup Arachaconda. The film was written and is produced by Stephen Niver. Niver is surely familiar to genre fans for his stellar rap sheet that includes: Shark Swarm, Depth Charge, Sharktopus, Blood Clot, Bitch, Down N’ Dirty, Pimpin’ Pee-wee, Maneater Mountain, Sea Scorpions, and the currently-in-development Grizzligator.

Arachnaconda stars Maria (Total Recall) Conchita Alonso, Brett (The Crazies) Wagner, and Ldp himself. Like Sharktopus, Arachnaconda is being shot for tequila and nickels in Mexico.
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