Gamera: The Giant Monster DVD Review

Gamera: The Giant Monster Directed by: Noriaki Yuasa Written by: Nisan Takahashi Starring: Yoshiro Uchida, Michiko Sugata, Eiji Funakoshi, Harumi Kiritachi For all of its crudeness, Gamera is genuinely effective, if only sporadically. For his first appearance on the mainland, Gamera quietly sneaks up on Toshio (Yoshiro Uchida) who is casually lying on a hill. He dips out of view as Toshio turns around, only to appear behind Toshio a few seconds later. Say what you will about the questionable lack of sound. How a 200-meter tall, radioactive turtle walks around without so much as snapping a twig is anyone’s guess, but the scene’s eerie effectiveness is proof that director Noriaki Yuasa put forth a valiant effort. Daiei Studio’s Godzilla clone is fairly shameless in its knock-off status, copying much of the formula, and even the style. Despite being released in 1965, Gamera is shot in black & white,
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