TV review: Meet the Romans with Mary Beard; The Fame Report

I love Professor Beard – there's no one better to be in ancient Rome with

Meet the Romans with Mary Beard (BBC2), the title promised cheerily. Well, do you know, there's no one else I'd rather meet them with! So giddy with excitement am I at the prospect that I'll even carelessly end a sentence with a preposition. Sorry, Professor Beard.

I love Professor Beard very deeply, as I love anyone and everyone – the doctors and scientists who take us through the programmes devoted to medical advances being a particularly rich field – who is so clearly, so comfortably and so thoroughly in command of their subject or specialism that they have nothing left to prove. Affectation, jargon, pontification and sundry other ways of creating obfuscation and annoyance are sloughed off, and they are left only with the desire and the ability to communicate some of what they know and love to us,
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