Watch: Disney's Oscar-Nominated 'Redux Riding Hood' Pops Up After Hiding for 15 Years

    In 1995 director Steve Moore was approached by the folks at Disney TV Animation to make a "Fractured Fairy Tales type of short" and they were willing to give him stylistic free rein. Redux Riding Hood secured a great script from star sitcom writer Dan O'Shannon about a wolf (voiced by Seinfeld's Michael Richards) who five years after the Little Red Riding Hood incident, laments his biggest failure in life: letting the rouge-cloaked girl get away. He becomes obsessed with the mishap, and it starts to ruin his marriage (to a sheep voiced by Mia Farrow). Eventually he builds a time machine to travel back to the fateful moment at granny's house.   The short was nominated for an Academy Award in 1997, and it's easy to see why. Lacey...

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