Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Preview

The younger gamer in all of us was very happy to hear the announcement that Mr Hawk was making a nostalgic come back. In the days of the original Playstation many of us spent hour upon hour guiding the Hawkman and his friends through the various board-based challenges the game had to offer. From the sound track to the level design, the early Tony Hawk games bring back treasured childhood memories for many, many a gamer and now they are back!

It was starting to look like developer Robomodo couldn’t do anything right. After taking the reigns of the series from Neversoft, Robomodo have produced two of the worst games in Tony Hawk’s history, in the form of Tony Hawk: Ride and Tony Hawk: Shred. The new direction for the series was based on the idea that players would want to control their skater with a plastic skateboard peripheral,
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