DVD Review: Kamui – The Lone Ninja

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Kamui: The Lone Ninja

Stars: Ken’ichi Matsuyama, Koyuki, Koichi Sato, Ekin Cheng, Yuta Kanai, Suzuka Ohgo | Written by Sai and Kankuro Kudo | Directed by Yoichi San

It’s 17th century Japan and from a young age Kamui has been considered something of an outcast, even within his own ninja clan. Disillusioned with the laws and principles which dictate that he must use his skills to kill others, Kamui chooses to leave his past behind him and go in search of true freedom. But for a ninja freedom comes at a price and the only way to escape the bonds of the ninja brotherhood is to die.

Now a fugitive on the run from his clan, who are determined to hunt him down and eliminate him for his betrayal, Kamui finds himself constantly fighting for his life and unable to trust anyone. He eventually finds some solace when he meets
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