Maîtresse Blu-Ray Review

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If you haven’t already seen it, chances are you may have heard of Barbet Schroeder’s twisted love story swamped in sadomasochism via online cinematic lists and articles aimed at transgressive cinema.

It’s often placed in the same group as those other 70’s New European works like Salò Or 120 Days Of Sodom and Last Tango In Paris – films which pushed the boundaries with their taboo subject matter and explicit content. Put aside the graphic scenes on display here (which admittedly, isn’t an easy thing to do) and what separates Maîtresse from the others is the oddly touching central relationship which emerges, and the sometimes uncomfortable jet black humour which is inherent in the film’s bizarre milieu.

A pre-grizzled 28-year-old Gérard Depardieu is Olivier, a husky thief who, alongside a criminal associate, break into the lavish flat of a woman they believe to be away. Riffling through her personal belongings,
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