The Writer And Director Of Pontypool Reunite For Cashtown Corners And Things Are Gonna Get Bloody

Back in 2008, acclaimed Canadian director Bruce McDonald - best known abroad for his gritty rock and roll road movies Hard Core Logo, Highway 61 and Roadkill - teamed up with novelist Tony Burgess and took a hard turn into genre territory with an adaptation of Burgess' unusual zombie novel Pontypool Changes Everything. The resulting film - titled simply Pontypool - became a critical hit around the world prompting McDonald - true to his wildly eclectic form - to do pretty much everything but another genre film since. He's done docs, concerts films, TV, and more since - the man likes to keep busy - but Pontypool fans have had to just sit and wait patiently, teased by the occasional rumblings of a Pontypool sequel....

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