Lost Boys: The Thirst on DVD and Blu-Ray this Week!

There is a special DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack being released this week for the second sequel in the Lost Boys series. Lost Boys: The Thirst released October 12th and included in the release will be the following special features: "Charisma Carpenter Hosts The Art of Seduction: Vampire Lore" featurette, "What is the Thirst?" featurette (Blu-ray only), "How to Kill a Vampire with Edgar Frog" featurette (Blu-ray only), "The Return of the Frog Brothers Hosted by Corey Feldman" featurette (Blu-ray only), and a Digital copy of the film (Blu-ray only, Uhm). Most of the extras will be on the Blu-Ray only, so pick up the combo pack for double the fun. More details on the film are below.

The synopsis for Lost Boys: The Thirst:

"The thankless life of a vampire hunter has taken its toll on Edgar Frog. After losing best friend and fellow vamp fighter, Sam, he has started to let himself slide.
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