Spiderbaby's Terror Tapes: 'I Dismember Mama'

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Spiderbaby's Terror Tapes: 'I Dismember Mama'
When I Dismember Mama was released as a double-bill with The Blood Spattered Bride at the drive-in and various lowbrow theaters in 1974, upchuck cups were passed out amongst patrons as a gag gift to promote the film and to get people talking outside of the theaters. The trailer for the double-bill is even better.

Blood Spattered Bride/I Dismember Mama

Released on VHS in the 1980s by Simitar Entertainment, I Dismember Mama has become a cult classic amongst horror fans – most likely because of its catchy and alluring title. You would assume that the film is about – well – dismembering mama, right? Wrong. This Oedipal-Norman-Bates-style movie has very little to do with dismembering at all, although it has it’s fair share of kills and thrills.

Directed by Paul Leder and originally titled Poor Albert and Little Annie (a much more accurate title), Zooey Hall stars as Albert, a deranged young
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