'Archer' Season 4 finale preview: 5 things to know about 'Sea Tunt Part 2'

"Archer" Season 4 comes to a close tonight with the conclusion of the two-part "Sea Tunt" arc that began last week.

"Sea Tunt Part 1" united the entire Isis crew on board a ship owned by Cheryl's brother Cecil (Eugene Mirman, from "Bob's Burgers") and piloted by his sarcastic girlfriend Tiffy (Kristen Schaal, also from "Bob's Burgers"). And by the end we met Captain Murphy (Jon Hamm), a madman in an undersea lab threatening to wipe out several American cities with nerve gas missles.

It's all resolved in "Sea Tunt Part 2," along with a few surprises. Here are five teasers of what to expect -- before we have to wait nine months or so for another new episode.

The field agents go undercover as a news crew to meet Murphy: Archer is the cameraman / nationally ranked pro kitesurfer. Because of course. (And as seen in the episode's promo images, he sports the requisite 'stache.
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