‘Baise-Moi’ Review

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Starring: Karen Bach, Raffaëla Anderson | Written and Directed by Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi | Based on the novel by Virginie Despentes

Baise-Moi is not an easy film to watch for a great many reasons, the foremost of which, after all the controversy surrounding the film’s dealt with, is that it’s really quite dull. Based on co-writer/director Virginie Despentes’ novel of the same name, the story follows two victimised, harried young women – occasional porn star Manu and prostitute Nadine – as they escape the misogyny and casual violence of their lives by screwing and killing their way across France.

…And that’s about it. The sex scenes are real (stars Bach and Anderson were both porn actresses up to the time of shooting) but not particularly insightful or revealing (apart from the obvious) but the violence is utterly unconvincing, showcasing lumpy blood effects and removing any sense of verisimilitude we might have previously gained.
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