'Adventures of Serial Buddies': Maria Menounos & Keven Undergaro's Labor of Love

A comedy about two bumbling serial killers? That's "Adventures of Serial Buddies," a little movie "Extra" host Maria Menounos made in her spare time with director/boyfriend Keven Undergaro. They describe it as '"Dexter" meets "Dumb and Dumber," and it's inspired by a guy Undergaro was friends with, never realizing he was a sociopath. They cast it with unknowns from The Groundlings and Improv Olympics. Menounos credits Undergaro with discovering her 15 years ago, just as he "discovered" Beth Behrs (pre-"2 Broke Girls"), whom he cast in the film without ever seeing her act. They also managed to line up some bigger names, like Christopher Lloyd, but on such a small movie, everyone, even Kathie Lee Gifford, pitched in to get it made. Moviefone: You actually knew a serial killer? Keven Undergaro: No, he wasn't a serial killer; he was a sociopath and he committed a bunch of heinous
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