Vince Vaughn and Director Valeri Vaughn Talk Art Of Conflict, Documentary about Northern Ireland Political Murals

Directed by Valeri Vaughn and produced/narrated by Vince Vaughn, the documentary Art of Conflict (available exclusive on Netflix on June 1st) is a fascinating look at the political murals that are so prevalent all over Northern Ireland, and that express the pain and conflict that the country has had to deal with, often in very provocative and striking ways. For the production, Valeri and Vince Vaughn spent long stretches of time in the North, interviewing politicians on all sides of the divide, to present these intriguing works of art. During this conference call to promote their documentary, Valeri and Vince talked about growing up in the Chicago suburbs and embracing their Irish roots, what their first experience in Ireland was like, how much fun they had working on the film together, that the art is really the focal point of the documentary, the most difficult aspect of their research,
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