The Eight Most Beautiful Monsters of the Movies

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The Eight Most Beautiful Monsters of the Movies
We've always had a fascination with monsters. Some are pretty forgettable, while others have found a place in our hearts or struck deep into our psyches. But we've come a long way from the nuclear age of giant ants terrorizing middle America and atomic lizards the size of skyscrapers engaging in battles with gargantuan apes. The modern monster has evolved from the golden age of Bela Lugosi's blood-sucking antics in the depths of Transylvania, or the stop-motion excellence of Ray Harryhausen – designs still vehemently admired to this day thanks to publications like Famous Monsters of Filmland. There's always been a kind of aesthetic beauty to be found in monsters, and the advances in makeup effects are constantly lifting the limits on the imagination; the possibilities of future monsterdom are becoming endless. Some of our filmmaking heroes are so adept at realizing visually dazzling creatures that it's become their professional calling card (Guillermo Del Toro,
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