Bryan Cranston or Mark Strong: Who's The Better Lex Luthor?

by Ryan Rigley

Since the release of Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel," vigilant fans have been on the lookout for any hints as to what might be popping up in the upcoming "Superman vs. Batman" movie. In addition to a Wayne Enterprises satellite that makes a very brief appearance in the third act, "Man of Steel" viewers were also quick to point out the Lexcorp building and a Lexcorp truck displayed quite prominently during the last battle.

Could this mean that Batman and Superman will be teaming up to take down the bald megalomaniac known as Lex Luthor? We'd sure like to think so. However, we here at MTV Splash Page aren't the only ones discussing the possibility of Lex's big screen return. In fact, two big name actors are already competing for the role: Bryan Cranston, from "Breaking Bad," and Mark Strong, from "Low Winter Sun."

Bryan Cranston

"I like Lex Luthor,
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