The Trial of a Timelord: Doctor Who classic episode #14

The fact that The Ultimate Foe makes very little sense is down to one of the most bizarre and tragic chapters in Doctor Who history

The Trial of a Timelord (episode 14, 6 December 1986: The Ultimate Foe)

Spoiler Alert: We are discussing some of the Doctor Who adventures broadcast over the past 50 years. In this blog, we're looking at The Trial of a Timelord. It contains spoilers both about the specific episode and the story as a whole.

The Doctor is on trial for genocide. A star witness arrives in a bid to acquit him. That star witness is Bonnie Langford. This is the point Doctor Who had got itself to by 1986. We went over the Colin Baker crisis last time, but it would be no fun to consider a decent-enough story such as Revelation of the Daleks. Especially not when there's a gigantic 14-part concept-series-shaped elephant in the room. The
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