Tsr Exclusive: ‘The Armstrong Lie’ Interview with Writer/Director Alex Gibney

In 2009, cyclist Lance Armstrong wanted to prove his naysayers wrong. He came back from retirement, and touted that he’d win the Tour de France in order to prove to the world that his past seven wins were not boosted by any illegal enhancements. As with other chapters of his fascinating life, this comeback provided a great narrative, one made into a nearly-finished documentary project called “The Road Back,” which had director Alex Gibney and his crew following Armstrong around as he hustled for another Tour de France victory. Matt Damon was signed on to do voiceover, and the project was co-produced by Spielberg’s key producer Frank Marshall.

“The Road Back” was then remodeled into The Armstrong Lie when the truth about Armstrong’s doping began to make its way to the surface in 2012, both through teammate testimonies and a few select moments from Armstrong himself. Initially crafting what
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