Wff 2013: Defendor Director Returns With Heartfelt Drama Empire Of Dirt [Review]

A few years ago actor Peter Stebbings took a shot at directing and produced the hugely enjoyable quasi-superhero movie Defendor (review). Stebbings has been busy working in front of the camera for the last few years but recently he also managed some time to return to the director's chair with a very different drama, one that doesn't include masked heroes but rather a different type of hero.

Empire of Dirt stars newcomer Cara Gee as Lena, a hardworking single mother trying to deal with her rebellious teen daughter Peeka (Shay Eyre). Lena loses her job, she follows up on an opportunity that leads her to a strip club but she finally gives up on big city life when Peeka sniffs glue and lands her [Continued ...]
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