‘Robin-b-Hood’ is serviceable when it comes to its action, lacklustre when in comes to its comedy

Robin-b-Hood (also known as Rob B Hood)

Written by Jackie Chand, Alan Yuen, and Benny Chan

Directed by Benny Chan

Hong Kong, 2006

Thongs (Jackie Chan) and Octopus (Louis Koo) are thieves working under the auspices of their long standing mentor Landlord (Michael Hui), who also happens to be the actual landlord of the apartment complex they dwell in. Their most recent assignment takes them to a hospital to snatch a bounty of costly drugs to be sold on the black market, but they aren’t the only souls trying to steal something: a crazed man nearly gets away with a newborn baby. Shunned for his former lover, the unstable fellow perishes in a dramatic fall from a high floor with the baby coming an inch from losing its life as well were it not for Thongs’ heroics. Shortly thereafter Thongs, Octopus and Landlord find themselves dragged into another heist operation,
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