Bh5 Group Makes a Splash with 3 Impressive Films at Los Cabos Int'l Film Fest

Bh5 Group was in a unique position when they presented three films at recent Los Cabos International Film Festival. The burgeoning Mexican production-finance hub which co-produces Atom Egoyan’s upcoming “Remember,” has attached Alonso Ruiz Palacios, director of Güeros,"one of the most notable feature debuts of 2014, to direct “Museum.” The other Mexican production they are are behind is "You'll Know What To Do With Me," which stars Ilse Salas , one of the rising stars of Mexican cinema.

-"You'll Know What To Do With Me" is a part of the Works in Progress Competition starring award winning Spanish actor Pablo Derqui and Ilse Salas, who stars both in this year’s Oscar entry, “Cantinflas,” and big 2014 fest winner, “Güeros.”

-"Museum" is a project in development in the Co-Production Forum with Filmmaker Alfonso Ruizpalacios, whose recent debut film “Güeros” took Best First Feature in Berlin 2014 and Best New Director at Tribeca as well as multiple trophies at San Sebastian and Morelia.

-Atom Egoyan will offer a Master Class, during which the central theme will be about his new film "Remember," now in post-production. The chat will be moderated by Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director of Toronto International Film Festival, and the film director will be accompanied by his producer Robert Lantos and Gerardo Gatica, CEO of Bh5 Group, the Mexican company that holds Detalle Films, which participates in the executive production of "Remember." Bh5's head of production Alberto Müffelmann will also attend the festival in search of new projects and ventures as an "Industry Guest."

“You'll Know What To Do With Me" (Sabras Que Hacer Conmigo)


Director: Katina Medina Mora

Production: Gerardo Gatica, Alberto Müffelmann, Rodrigo Trujillo, Jacobo Nazar, Moises Cosio

Section: Works in Progress Competition


In a mundane hospital hallway, fine arts photographer Nicolas, epileptic since childhood, falls for the aloof Isabel, unaware she is visiting her suicidal mother. The narrative begins through Nicolas's lens then cuts back to follow Isabel prior to their meeting. Their stories merge as they're suddenly engaged in a highly charged relationship. When the intense getting acquainted period wanes, it seems worth attempting to transcend respective flaws and demons, yet commitment is not something that comes easy to either of these resolutely independent people. Nico and Isabel find the future increasingly less foreseeable and the vivid present ever more deeply affecting.

“Museum" (Museo)


Director: Alonso Ruiz Palacios

Production: Gerardo Gatica, Manuel Alcalá, Alberto Müffelman n

Section: Co-Production Forum Competition (Mexico-u.S.A.-Canada)


On December 25, 1985, adding to the chaos of September's earthquake, Mexico awakened with news of the theft of 140+ pieces from the capitol city's National Museum of Anthropology. The heist was perfectly executed, bypassing the guards who were busy celebrating Christmas Eve. No one imagined that the perpetrators of the robbery slept peacefully, nightly, in the suburb of Ciudad Satélite - veterinary students and lifelong friends, Carlos Perches and Ramon Sardina. The magnitude of the theft wildly exceeded the expectations of the thieves. Carlos and Ramon depart their comfortable life for an underworld adventure that drags them into the abyss.


Direcor: Atom Egoyan

"Remember" stars Academy Award Winners Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau, directed by Acadamy Award Nominee Atom Egoyan, produced by Golden Globe Nominee Robert Lantos. See pertinent info on page 31 of Lcff Industry Catalogue:

* Please Note: Bh5 has a production company credit on "Remember" is through Detalle Films (a company held by Bh5 Group), which participated in the executive production of "Remember."

Bh5 Company Profile

Bh5 Group is a conglomerate integrated by many production companies specialised in different areas of the entertainment business, including Detalle Films, Balero Films, Cacao Production Services, CoCo, Detalle TV and La Rama de Teatro. These companies have jointly or independently produced dozens of feature films, including "Nos Vemos Papá" by Lucía Carreras (Karlovy Vary 2012), "The Dance of Reality" by Alejandro Jodorowski (Cannes 2013), "Rezeta" by Fernando Frías (Slamdance Winner 2014), feature film "Kite" starring Samuel L. Jackson (2014), "Remember" (2014) by Atom Egoyan, among others.


• "La Decisión del Presidente" (2007) - Documentary directed by Lucía Kaplan and Diego Delgado

• "Arresto Domiciliario" (2008) - Feature Film directed by Gabriel Retes

• "Jimigration" (2008) - Documentary directed by Fernando Frías de la Parra

• "Allá y en Tonses" (2010) - Feature Film by Angel Flores

• "Malaventura" (2011) - Feature Film directed by Carlos Rincones

• "Nos Vemos Papá" (2012) - by Lucía Carreras

• "Rezeta" (2013) - Feature Film directed by Fernando Frías de la Parra

• "95'" (2012) - Documentary directed by Renato Ornelas

• "Inner Dragons" (2013) - Short film directed by Fernando Frías de la Parra

• "Buoy" (2013) - Short Film directed by David Higgs

• "LuTo" (2013) - Feature Film directed by Katina Medina Mora

• "Kite" (2014) - Feature Film directed by Ralph Zimman

• "Contraluz" (2014) - Feature Film directed by Katina Medina Mora

• "Remember" (2014) - Feature Film directed by Atom Egoyan

Bh5 Partners: Gerardo Gatica (CEO), Moisés Cosío (Head of Project Development and New Businesses), Alberto Müffelmann (Head of Production - Detalle Films/Production Services), Rodrigo Trujillo (Head of Production - Balero Films/La Rama de Teatro), Jacobo Nazar (CFO). All five partners of Bh5Group come from different backgrounds, ranging from law to economics to industrial engineering.
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