10 Revived Doctor Who Episodes That Are Perfect For A Rainy Day


You know how it goes. The rain is pouring outside and all you want to do is curl up on the couch in your Tardis onesie and/or blanket with a cup of tea and watch copious amounts of your favourite Time Lord. But where to begin?

Every Doctor Who fan is always in the mood to indulge in an episode – or two – of the Doctor’s ongoing adventures and, with 813 of them and counting, they’re definitely not stuck for choice. It’s one of those ‘first world problems’ in the sense that sometimes it can be difficult to decide which episode to watch, especially if you’re not really in the mood for anything too head-scratchingly timey-wimey.

That doesn’t really narrow it down, though. The possibilities are still pretty much endless even if you’re trying to avoid the more mind-boggling adventures. If you don’t
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