Why Survivor's all-time best season rankings are wrong

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Why Survivor's all-time best season rankings are wrong
The results of a CBS.com poll of "Survivor" fans are now on newsstands, as part of a special commemorative issue of CBS Watch! magazine. The 100-page, full-color magazine is a pretty great overview of the series, except for the absolute wrongness of its polls. That's especially true for its "all time best seasons" poll. Yes, ranking "Survivor" seasons is about as difficult as stacking cooked spaghetti noodles, and about as useful. It's mostly good for creating disagreement. What one viewer values, another dismisses--but that's one of the many reasons why the series has survived for 30 seasons. There's a lot to argue about. Even looking at objective data about Survivor winners and cast members can prompt discussion. So, here are the results of CBS' poll, and one fan's thoughts and arguments about why the other fans' collective wisdom often seems screwed up. #1: Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, season 20, 2010 Why this
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