Why it will be a disaster if Louis Walsh leaves The X Factor

When Simon Cowell tweets, you know things are serious. With rumours swirling that Louis Walsh was out of The X Factor, Cowell took to Twitter to clear things up - and basically confirmed that Lulu is out of there. And we're devastated.

We know that our love for Louis is not exactly reciprocated (he's made his feelings for Digital Spy known in the past), but our connection to him is so strong that we can overlook such differences of opinion. The fact is, The X Factor just won't be the same without him (and not in a good way).

You're my baby Bublé: 8 wacky Louis Walsh compliments from X Factor

Louis doesn't get a lot of credit for his role on The X Factor, but we think this is an oversight - actually, he makes the show. And in the words of Lord Paddy Ashdown (sort of), if people don't miss him,
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