John Cleese webchat – as it happened: 'Piers Morgan? Big M, small organ'

Is it possible to train your cat to be vegan? Would he ever present Top Gear? And what’s his beef with Piers Morgan. The Monty Python and Fawlty Towers star answered your questions live - read his answers here.

3.45pm BST

That’s it! Thanks for all your questions. A final word from John:

This has been great fun, thanks for entertaining questions. Signed, A Non-Venemous Python.

2.29pm BST

David Gersch asks:

After reading your autobiography, I’m troubled on the conclusion of what type of Cheese you are, initially I thought of you as a Brie, sophisticated and elegant, then I noticed you more of a Goat Cheese, wanting to please everyone and losing yourself in doing so, but as you’ve matured I sense a Blue Cheese quality, an acquired taste. Mr Cleese what Cheese are you? in addition what are the other Pythons cheese types?

What kind of cheese am I?
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