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Marion Cotillard on how she met Luc Jacquet: "I wanted to make a movie on the forest. Luc heard about it. It's called Il Était Une Forêt, Once Upon A Forest…" Photo: Anne-Katrin Titze

In my conversation with Luc Jacquet on Wild-Touch and his documentary Ice And The Sky about the work of glaciologist Claude Lorius, which had its World Premiere as the closing film of the Cannes Film Festival, he mentioned a director who first encouraged him to make films. His name is Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf, the director of Der Kongress der Pinguine.

It was good advice for Luc, who became the director of March Of The Penguins (La Marche De L'Empereur), The Fox And The Child (Le Renard Et L'Enfant), narrated by Kate Winslet, and Il Était Une Forêt (Once Upon A Forest) on botanist and ecologist Francis Hallé.

Marion Cotillard at the launch of Ice & Sky: "I've
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