‘Nina Forever’ Review

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Stars: Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry, David Troughton, Elizabeth Elvin, Bill Holland, Lee Nicholas Harris, Sean Verey, Phelim Kelly, Richard Sandling, Javan Hirst | Written and Directed by Ben Blaine, Chris Blaine

They say true love lasts forever, but what about when the person you love is dead..?After Rob’s (Cian Barry) girlfriend Nina (Fiona O’Shaughnessy) dies in a car crash he attempts suicide, which he fails at. Looking to move on he soon falls for co-worker Holly (Abigail Hardingham) who he starts a relationship with. The problem is, whenever they try to have sex, Nina is brought back to sarcastically torment their attempts to have a normal relationship.

Nina Forever is not a horror in a traditional sense, you really don’t get much in the way of violence. This is more a psychological drama looking at the problems with letting go. This lack in the
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