Interview: Director Gavin Hood has His ‘Eye in the Sky’

Chicago – The new film “Eye in the Sky” is as contemporary a war film that currently could be made. The overview of drone warfare includes the distant “pilots” on the computer screen, the leaders in their paneled offices, and the target on the ground – which includes the enemy, but also several innocents.

The film features Helen Mirren as a no-nonsense (naturally) military operative who is commanding the mission, which includes Alan Rickman in his last role as her military representative with the British and American leadership. The film has the tension of great battle movies, combined with the morality lessons that must be learned through distant bombing. It is a reminder of an earlier and similar film, “Fail-Safe” (1964) about the impracticalities of nuclear engagement.

Director Gavin Hood and Helen Mirren Set Up a Scene in ‘Eye in the Sky

Photo credit: Bleecker Street Media

Gavin Hood is a veteran actor and director.
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