Breath producer on Simon Baker tears and Tim Winton's

Producer Mark Johnson.

American producer Mark Johnson.has landed in Wa and is in the thick of pre-production on the film adaptation of Tim Winton's Breath, to be directed by Simon Baker.

"I've now done three films in Australia - one on the Gold Coast, one in Cairns and one in Melbourne, but I'd never been to Western Australia, and I actually got to know it through the works of Tim Winton", Johnson said..

"Winton describes it with such love and respect and is so protective of the land that I felt like I had already known it"..

The vast majority of the shoot will take place in the coastal town of Denmark, which Johnson is "in awe of", and the producer is already excited about the communal atmosphere.

"I have to say, and it's been a long time since I've experienced this - the entire town is behind this film.
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