Full Metal Alchemist Gets Live-Action Edition, Cast Revealed

Full Metal Alchemist’s next film adaptation will be live-action, with fans of the extremely popular anime already getting fired up.

The filming will begin this June in Italy, with the release in Japan being scheduled for 2017. The movie will use a combination of real actors and CGI. Fumihiko Sori (“Ping Pong”, “Ashita no Joe”) will direct and the cast revealed is as follows:

Ryosuke Yamada (Asssassination Classroom) as Edward Elric.

Tsubasa Honda (Blue Spring Ride) as Winry Rockbell.

Dean Fujioka (Dance! Dance! Dance!) as Roy Mustang.

Ryuta Sato (Tokyo Tribe) as Captain Maes Hughes.

Yo Oizumi (Kakekomi) as Major Shou Tucker.

Yasuko Matsuyuki (Smuggler) as Lust.

Kanata Hongo (Attack on Titan) as Envy.

Shinji Uchiyama (Gokusen: The Movie) as Gluttony.

The plot for the first half of the upcoming film will faithfully reproduce the story of the original Fullmetal Alchemist manga by Hiromu Arakawa. The film will digress in
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