Animated comedy web series Suspect Moustache to premiere on SBS2

Animated sketch comedy web-series Suspect Moustache is having a one-off TV debut on May 30, screening on Sbs 2.

The five-part web series began life as a Victorian finalist in Sbs's Comedy Runway initiative, where it was one of 12 finalists each awarded $20,000 to create a web pilot.

The show combines "social satire, fantasy, and sci-fi with comedy that addresses matters from trivial to the extraordinary", according to a statement. Featured are dinosaurs, bamboo monsters, soap actors, goblins, and "a roving foetus and her proud mother".

"Obviously a cartoon lets us execute some weirder and wilder ideas that are too impractical or expensive to film live action", Lapham said.

The voice cast includes Tamiah Bantum (Please Like Me), Aaron Pedersen (Goldstone, Jack Irish), Mahalia Brown (The Wizards of Aus, Utopia) and Peter Kent (The Straits).

Suspect Moustache.was created by Fabian Lapham and funded by Film Victoria, Screen Australia and Sbs, and will
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