Morgan Review

If Morgan were a Crayola crayon, it’s cutesy name would be “Cement Mixer Grey.” If it were a culinary dish, it’d be a baked potato without a single topping (not even accidental ketchup drips from an overloaded hot dog). If it were a cinematic endeavor – which it is – Luke Scott’s sci-fi thriller would be a lazy, knee-jerk response to Ex Machina‘s provocative brilliance, relentless in its genre irreverence. There’s a time and a place for a such drab thrills like this, and they’re best enjoyed in small television bites while you glance up from your daily chores. They’re background noise at best, never striving to break its predictable mold.

Young Anya Taylor-Joy stars a Morgan, an artificial lifeform being studied and raised in an isolated, backwoods laboratory. Under the guidance of Dr. Lui Cheng’s (Michelle Yeoh) devoted team of researchers, Morgan – an
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