Vicky McClure webchat – your questions answered on fry ups, Motown and Shane Meadows

The Line of Duty star discusses improvisation, Notts County and mucking about with the cast of This Is England

1.55pm GMT

Thank you for all your questions. Some funny ones in there! I'm still trying to think about what I find most exotic - I'll get back to you on that. Thanks for all your support with my work, and it's still quite overwhelming that this is my job.

1.54pm GMT

RickHall1 asks:

You, Stephen Lowe and Billy Ivory all feature on the Nottingham Trams. What is it about Nottingham and drama/theatre talent?

Maybe it's in the brown sauce... I think there's a lovely, humble trait that runs through Nottingham. We're a city that are incredibly proud of what we've achieved but we don't shout too loud about it. I think when people discover the talents that come out of Nottingham, it is getting bigger. But I think we'll always remain really humble.
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