How Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are transforming the TV business

The scripted drama boom is changing the entire TV industry. But is it a change for the better?

“It’s an exciting time,” is a refrain now most commonly uttered by those in the business of making content for the Us streaming services.

Not only have Netflix, Amazon and co fuelled a surge in the volume of scripted content, subscription video on demand services (SVoDs) are also doing their bit, as they expand and evolve, to change the business and art of high-end television.

“Partly it’s driven by the SVoDs, partly it’s driven by the retrenching of the feature film business,” says Ted Miller, co-head of the television department at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), whose client Matthew Weiner is among the high-profile writer-producers working on streaming series.

The Crown

“You have artists who want to tell great stories and if those stories are not being done in the movie business they are being done now
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