'Godard is not God!' … Michel Hazanavicius on his film about France's most notorious director

The women, the films, the fights, the flops … the director of The Artist has risked infuriating France with Redoubtable – a hilarious drama about Jean-Luc Godard

It’s May 1968 and Jean-Luc Godard is marching along a Paris boulevard during an anti-establishment demo. On the face of it, things couldn’t be better for the leading light of the nouvelle vague: the great director is spending his spring lobbing stones at the riot police, haranguing students at sit-ins, and making love to his beautiful wife Anne Wiazemsky, nearly 20 years his junior and the star of his new film.

But, just then, a demonstrator sidles up and praises Godard’s early films – A Bout de Souffle with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Le Mepris with Brigitte Bardot. As the fan heaps on more praise, Godard’s face gets longer and longer. Doesn’t this guy realise that the old Godard is dead? That he has disowned those films?
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