Box Office Democracy: Baywatch

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The best part of Baywatch was that everyone on screen seemed completely invested in making it a good movie. It isn’t a good movie— it isn’t even particularly close to being a good movie— but the cast is willing to push as hard as they can to make it better. Baywatch is elevated from the train wreck I’m sure it is on the page in to a simply bland, kind of mediocre, film. Baywatch is a reasonably charming medley of punchless comedy, unintelligible story, and a generous amount of scantily clad pretty people. It’s the kind of movie to see on an exceptionally hot day, or if your first choice movie is sold out and you’ve already put in so much effort to park at the mall.

I paid careful attention to the story in Baywatch and I’m still not entirely sure what was going on.
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