The Sweet Makers: A Tudor Treat review – not just a sugary concoction

This was familar but pleasurable fare as modern-day confectioners were given the task of making sweets the 16th-century way. Plus: Amma Asante on The South Bank Show

Mmmmm, a BBC primetime programme about sweeties. Candy floss-coloured neon signs. Mildly erotic closeups of coloured confections tumbling forth and melted chocolate dripped and stirred. A few sour fizz balls of history to pop in your cheek. A stately home to satisfy one’s period-drama tooth. This is not the same multimillion pound industry killing us all, the tobacco of the 21st century. It’s suuuuugggggaaaarr. So come, treat yourself to four modern-day confectioners dressed in Tudor garb rolling coriander seeds in 50 layers of sugar for four days.

The Sweet Makers: A Tudor Treat (BBC2) is a familiar pleasure. I’ve seen a version of this programme about 10 times already, the best of which remains 2008’s The Supersizers Go …, when Sue Perkins and
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