Revisiting the film of Stephen King's Thinner

Rebecca Lea Oct 30, 2017

Our lookbacks at the screen adaptations of Stephen King find us at Thinner, starring Robert John Burke...

The film: Morbidly obese and deeply unpleasant lawyer Billy Halleck (Robert John Burke) runs over an old gypsy woman with his car, distracted by his wife Heidi (Lucinda Jenney) who is doing something rather rude to him. His ties to the local law enforcement, Judge Cary Rossington (John Horton) and Chief of Police Duncan Hopley (Daniel von Bargen), means the case is dismissed before it gets to court. However, the old woman’s father (Michael Constantine) has a different kind of justice in mind. He curses Halleck with the word ‘thinner’ and soon, Halleck begins to lose weight at a dangerous and ever-increasing rate.

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Thinner is one of the books written under Stephen King’s pseudonym Richard Bachman, and it has the
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