Inside the ‘Wonderstruck’ Design Team’s Cabinet of Wonders

Inside the ‘Wonderstruck’ Design Team’s Cabinet of Wonders
If New York’s iconic American Museum of Natural History is the focal point of Todd Haynes’ “Wonderstruck,” then the tactile Cabinet of Wonders exhibit is the epicenter. That’s where the worlds of Rose (Millicent Simmonds) and Ben (Oakes Fegley), the two deaf children, converge 50 years apart (1927 and 1977).

“It was like winning the production design lotto,” said Mark Friedberg, who practically grew up at the museum and became a production designer as a result of its stimulating wonderment. “The Cabinet of Wonders is a glorious moment for a girl obsessed with making things and it’s where Rose’s journey stops. And it’s the place where Ben finally realizes he’s on the cusp of figuring out his mystery.”

A Tactile Theater of Memory

For Friedberg, building a set filled with such tactile historical objects is as good as it gets. Cabinets of Wonder, which date back more than 500 years,
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