Intriguing New Trailer For Steven Soderbergh's "Choose Your Own Adventure" Film Mosaic

HBO has released a new trailer for Steven Soderbergh's upcoming film Mosaic, which allows its viewers to choose the direction of the story. It's an experimental form of filmmaking it looks like it will be a fun, entertaining, and innovative experience! It's like a live-action "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. I'm sure you all remember those.

When talking about the technology that allows this more immersive movie experience to exist, Soderbergh said:

“It’s a branching narrative piece. Branching narratives have been around forever, but technology now allows, I hope, for a more elegant, intuitive form of engagement than used to be possible. We spent a lot of time on how you touch this thing. I wanted to make sure that it was beautiful and simple, so that when the opportunity arises for you to decide whose perspective you want to follow, it feels organic and not like an
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