WWE 2K18 Arrives on Nintendo Switch This Wednesday

  • Cinelinx
WWE 2K18 is about to be added to the Nintendo Switch library! Now give me a hell yeah!

Oooooh! Nintendo Switch! Don't You Dare Be Sour, Clap For Your World Famous WWE 2K Game And Feel The Powaaah!

The New Day and the rest of the WWE locker room will be joining the Nintendo Switch family when 2K Games releases WWE 2K18 this Wednesday for Nintendo's mobile console. WWE 2K18, previously released in October, is the next in the growing number of 3rd party games getting a delayed release for the up-and-coming console.

Despite its delayed release on Nintendo Switch, 2K is still releasing WWE 2K18 at full value with all the same content and prices as if it were October 17, with both physical and digital copies. What's different, though, is that they are making the Cena (Nuff) version exclusively digital at $89.99. Here is everything that comes with the Deluxe
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